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VoxBank Widal O, H, Antigen Slide

Delivery Time:

Atleast 7 days from order confirmation date

CONTAINS : LPS Salmonella antigens (S. typhi O, H, AH, BH, AO, BO, CO & CH Antigens)

DETECTS : LPS Salmonella Antibodies (S. typhi O, H, AH, BH, AO, BO, CO & CH  Antibodies)

* All VoxBank tests to be stored between 20 to 80 C Temperature.
* All Widal and RPR tests reveals results in 5 minutes.
* All Rheumatology tests reveals results in 2 minutes.
* All VoxBank tests are compatible with serum / plasma only.
*All tests having best sensitivities and specificities in its class