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BioBee magnetic RNA Extraction Kit

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  • The magnetic bead based nucleic acid extraction kit more suitable for the DNA and RNA Extraction in Virus, Bacteria and all Microbes. It is packed in carton containing deep-well plate and stirring sleeve. The deep well plate contains magnetic beads, lysis buffer, binding buffer, wash buffer and elution Buffer. All the required consumables included in the kit itself
  • The magnetic bead nucleic acid extraction kit uses magnetic beads to adsorb DNA/RNA to achieve rapid purification of viral DNA/RNA.
  • The kit is suitable for extracting high purity viral DNA/RNA from 200µl of body fluid including plasma, serum, It can be used in molecular biology experiments such as PCR/RT-PCR.
  • This kit is more suitable for COVID-19 RNA Extraction. Easy Procedure
  • Viral Transport medium samples (Nasal swab / Oral swab) and Molecular Transport medium samples also you can use in this kit.