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D-DIMER Test Kit, ADX961

Delivery Time:

Atleast 7 days from order confirmation date


D-Dimer is a protein fragment (small piece) that’s made when a blood clot dissolves in your body. Blood clotting is an important process that prevents you from losing too much blood when you are injured. Normally, your body will dissolve the clot once your injury has healed.


The concentration of D-Dimer in human plasma can be directly determined by utilizing the interaction of antigen and antibody. When we add sample to the latex particles coated with rabbit anti-human D-dimer antibody, insoluble complex is formed. The agglutination causes an absorbance change, dependent upon the D-Dimer contents of the patient sample that can be quantified by comparison from a calibrator of known D-Dimer concentration

Product Features:

  • Immunoturbidimetric method, liquid stable reagents & linearity up to 10 µg FEU/mL
  • Ready to use liquid calibrator with excellent stability
  • Results in 7 minutes
  • No interference of Bilirubin ≤ 60 mg/dL, Triglycerides ≤700 mg/ dL and Haemoglobin ≤
    350 mg/ dL.
  • Shelf life of 15 months when stored at 2-8°C