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Dengue Ag Rapid Test

Delivery Time:

Atleast 7 days from order confirmation date
  • In-house developed fourth generation rapid test aids in the diagnosis of an early acute infection, including primary or secondary infection
  • Detects NS1 antigen from all four dengue serotypes (DEN1, 2, 3, 4) in human serum, plasma or whole blood specimen
  • Simple assay procedure yields results within 20-25 minutes


Clinical performance:

  • Limit of Detection: detection of NS1 protein in all 4 types of dengue virus lysate I, II, III, and IV. The limit of detection is 0.25 ng/mL as determined on recombinant dengue NS1 antigen from serotype 2 (DEN2)
  • Sensitivity: 100%
  • Specificity: 98.75% comparing to a commercial ELISA
  • Cross-Reactivity: no cross-reactivity found on 6-10 positive specimens from the 21 disease states, such as chikungunya, ZIKV, malaria, leishmania, Typhoid and others
  • No interference with some common substances, such as Albumin (60 g/L), Bilirubin (20 mg/dL), EDTA (3.4 µmol/L), Glucose (55 mmol/L), Heparin (3,000 U/L), Salicylic acid (4.34 mmol/L), Sodium citrate (3.8%), Human IgG (1,000 mg/dL)

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