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Double Beam UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, 190-1100 nm- TS7200

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  • Wide Wavelength range, satisfying requirement of various fields. 
  • Fully automated dsign, realizing the simplest measurement andsatisfyng the requirement of Pharmacopoeia.
  • Maximum of 9 waveength and 8 samples can be stored at the time.
  • Automatic change over between W lamp and D2 Lamp.
  • Rich measurement methods:Wavelength scan, time scan, multi- wavelength determination, multi-order derivative determination, double wavelength method and trple wavelength method etc.
  • Automatic 10 mm 8-cell holder.
  • Data output can be obtained by printer port and USB interface.
  • Parameters and data can be stored for user convenience. 
  • PC controller measurement can be achieved for more accurate and flexibl requirement.