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EP008- Whole Blood DNA MiniPrep Kit

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This product can rapidly separate and purify genomic DNA from 200-400 μl of fresh or frozen human or animal whole blood within 15-20 min. The product does not use proteinase K. After the whole blood is dissolved by Solution BFL1,the hemoglobin is removed by Solution BFL2 precipitation. The genomic DNA in the supernatant can be bound to the purification column. After being washed by Buffer RP and Wash Buffer, the remaining proteins on the membrane and the PCR inhibitors are removed,the genomic DNA is eluted by Elution Buffer and can be used in various molecular biology experiments immediately.


Fast and low toxicity: Adopting the principle of silica gel membrane adsorption, without phenol/chloroform, the experiment can be completed within 1 h.
Wide range of applications: With optional CLA processing steps, DNA with a high OD260/230 ratio can be obtained, meet the requirements for high DNA purity such as chip hybridization and high-throughput sequencing.
Wide application: DNA can be directly extracted from samples such as anticoagulant blood, buffy coat and poultry blood.
High quality: The purified DNA has the characteristics of high concentration, high purity, and good integrity.