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EP013-TRIpure Total RNA Extraction Reagent

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TRIpure Total RNA Extraction Reagent is a reagent for total RNA extraction from various animal and plant, bacterial tissues/cells. It has strong cleavage ability to lyse cell and tissue samples in a short time and keep RNA intact in the sample. and effectively inhibit the degradation of RNA. The sample can be fully cleaved in the reagent. After centrifugation with chloroform, the solution forms a supernatant layer, an intermediate layer and an organic layer (lower red layer). The RNA is distributed in the upper aqueous phase, and the supernatant layer is collected. Total RNA can be recovered by precipitation of propanol. The extracted total RNA is high in purity and contains no protein or genomic DNA. It can be directly used for Northern, dot hybridization, mRNA purification, in vitro translation, RT-PCR, poly(A)+ selection, RNase protection analysis, and construction of cDNA libraries. A variety of molecular biology experiments.


High extraction quality: Total RNA with high yield, high purity and good integrity can be extracted within 1 h.
Add indicator: Add a special indicator.After centrifugal layering, the lower layer is pink, which is easy to absorb the supernatant.
High sensitivity: Higher extraction efficiency for the extraction of virus and other trace samples.
Flexible sample handling capacity: It has a good lysis effect on a small amount of tissue (50-100mg) and cells (5×106) and a large number of tissues (≥1g) and cells (>107).