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One Step SYBR Green RT-PCR Mix

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This product is a special reagent for Real Time One Step RT-PCR using the SYBR Green method. Using this product for Real Time RT-PCR reaction can continuously perform reverse transcription and PCR amplification in the same reaction tube. It is simple to operate and can effectively prevent contamination. Since this reaction system can monitor the amplified products in real time, the detection sensitivity is greatly improved, and the electrophoresis step after PCR reaction is omitted, which is very suitable for the detection of RNA viruses. This product uses high-efficiency reverse transcriptase and high-specificity hot-start Taq DNA polymerase to perform stable and efficient Real Time One Step RT-PCR reactions. For the fluorescent quantitative PCR instrument that uses ROX as the calibration dye, this product is equipped with a separate ROX dye to correct the fluorescent signal error generated between the wells of the quantitative PCR instrument.


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