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Oscar HIV (4th Generation ELISA) detects antigen and antibody of HIV-1 & 2 in human serum / plasma. It is available in 96T pack. Microwell strips are coated with monoclonal p24 antibodies along with recombinant antigens gp 120, gp41 and gp36 representing both HIV-1 and HIV-2. Samples, positive and negative controls are added along with biotinylated p24 antibody in the coated wells and incubated.

The wells are washed to remove unbound components and HIV1 and HIV2 recombinant antigens conjugated to HRP along with streptavidin conjugated to HRP are added. After a short incubation the wells are washed again and bound enzyme is detected by adding substrate. The reaction is stoped after specified time with acid and absorbance is determined for each well at 450 nm with an ELISA reader. The cut-off value is calculated by the given formula and absorbance of all the wells are compared with the cut-off value. Any sample having absorbance more than the cut-off value is considered reactive.